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Data Mapping

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Database Schema


Imposm creates about a dozen tables for the most important features. You can change that with a custom mapping.

Below is a list of all default tables. The names are the base names of the tables and the prefix osm_new_ will be added as a prefix.

Point tables

  • amenities
  • places
  • transport_points

Polygon tables

  • admin
  • buildings
  • landusages
  • aeroways
  • waterareas

Linestring tables

  • minorroads
  • mainroads
  • motorways
  • railways
  • waterways

Generalized tables

Tables like above but with simplified geometries (tolerance 200m)

  • motorways_gen0
  • mainroads_gen0
  • railways_gen0

Tables like above but with simplified geometries (tolerance 50m)

  • motorways_gen1
  • mainroads_gen1
  • railways_gen1


You need to change the tolerance values if your projection does not use meters (e.g. EPSG:4326).


These views combine minorroads, mainroads, motorway and railways.

  • roads
  • roads_gen0
  • roads_gen1


Each table contains at least four columns:

  • osm_id: The ID of the node, way or relation.
  • name: The value for the name key.
  • type: The value of the feature type that was mapped. E.g. motorway, trunk, primary, etc.
  • geometry: The geometry itself.

Most tables contain additional columns. For example, all road tables contain tunnle, bridge, z_order and ref columns.

For now you need to use the default mapping configuration as the documentation.